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„As declared in our letter of 17 September 2001 (our ref. PT/1872/01) (“if fuel savings amount to 10% or more, we will buy a set of magnetizers”), please be informed that we did buy the said devices. Many months of in-service trials and diagnostic measurements of a SOLARIS URBINO 12 city bus with MULTIMAGS fitted on its 6871 cc MAN D-0826LOH17 engine and a JELCZ PR-120M city bus with MULTIMAGS fitted on its 11100 cc SW-680 engine confirmed the level of fuel savings:

Trucks, bulldozers, tractors, road rollers and other heavy duty machines running on large capacity and high power diesel engines frequently work at high engine speeds and loads. Tests and practical experience show that under such working conditions Multimags ensure the highest level of fuel savings – approximately 20%. In addition, engine power grows and smoke opacity is considerably lower.
  • average diesel savings: approximately 10.5%

  • average smoke opacity reduction: approximately 58%

Please be informed that simultaneously we tested 2 sets of magnetizers by other manufacturers, but Multimags definitely yielded the best level of savings”.

(mgr inż. Marek Łukomski, authorized Assets Administrator,”TRANSKOM” company, Koziegłowy k/Poznania, Poland)

„Our company specializes in transport services, earth works and other works involving the use of heavy duty equipment. All maintenance, repair and refurbishment works are carried out in our own workshops. Since 1999 we’ve been using MULTIMAG magnetic energizers fitted on two trucks and two excavators. Since April 2004 we have also used Multimags in a caterpillar loader, and since November 2004 in a K406 A excavator. All the above vehicles and machines are fitted with diesel engines.

On the basis of several years of operation of the above vehicles we have observed a significant reduction in diesel consumption owed to the installation of MULTIMAG energizers on fuel lines and air ducts.Vehicle types and models and the respective fuel savings are presented in the table below. The figures show average saving percentage, taking into account vehicle operation in various technical and weather conditions.

No. Vehicle type and model Date of Multimag installation Diesel fuel savings
1 Excavator (STEYR 1491, 11000 cc) June 1999 10.6%
2 Truck (STAR 200, 6500 cc) June 1999 11.8%
3 Self-propelled excavator on STAR 660, 4500 cc June 1999 12.6%
4 Loader excavator (BELARUS D65, 5000 cc) June 1999 15.4%
5 Caterpillar loader (600 C, 10000 cc) April 2004 9.2 %
6 Self-propelled excavator (K - 406 A, 4000 cc) November 2004 11.5%

Already in the first hours after MULTIMAG installation we observed a significant smoke opacity reduction and more gentle (softer) engine operation. Stabilization and lasting diesel fuel savings were observed after 60 to 80 hours of work with fuel energizers installed.
Experienced car mechanics were stunned with the condition of the combustion chamber in the STAR 200 engine inspected during repair. The engine was very clean and free of carbon deposits, which allows one to conclude that the use of MULTIMAG magnetic energizers contributes to extending the lifetime of engines and injection systems.”

Clean combustion chamber, free of carbon deposits, largely contributes to longer lifetime of the engine and injection systems. Shorter maintenance downtime means more profits.

(Grzegorz Mielczarek, MIELCZAREK Company, Zielona Góra, Poland)

„In September 2004 we installed a set of Multimags (FE fuel energizer and AEmax air energizer) on a Mercedes SL 500. Many months of accurate fuel consumption records showed a consumption drop from 16 litres to 13.5 litres per 100 km (15.6% savings). Also, engine flexibility was clearly improved. These positive results inspired us to test MULTIMAGS in a SCANIA 420 124 L truck.

Tangible effects owed to Multimags installed on a SCANIA 420 124 L fully satisfied the vehicle’s owner

On 2 November 2004 the following set of Multimag energizers was installed:

  • two FE fuel energizers
  • one TWIN FE fuel energizer
  • two TRUCK AIR (AE Tmax) air triangles, as instructed by BKM TRUST Int.

Fuel consumption analysis carried out in various road, weather and load conditions showed diesel consumption savings of 10%, which is a very good result. We are happy with the savings and are pleased to confirm that they fully correspond to the information declared in BKM TRUST advertising materials.”

(DREW-MAR Company, Jastrowie, Poland)

„In the middle of May 2000 I installed a set of Multimag magnetic energizers on the fuel line and air duct in my DAF 2100 with a 8250 cc engine. The truck has no intercooler, so AE Truck air energizers were installed both upstream and downstream of the turbocharger. Exceptionally high diesel savings observed 2 months after Multimag installation inspired me to monitor fuel consumption over a longer period of time. The truck was used in a variety of weather conditions and with different payloads. After nearly 5 years of operation I can confirm that Multimag energizers offer an average diesel consumption drop from 29.0 to 25.5 litres per 100 km, which marks 12.07% savings

. On top of that, smoke opacity became lower and engine flexibility grew.”12,07% savings. On top of that, smoke opacity became lower and engine flexibility grew.”

(Jacek Fila, owner of Publiczny Transport Drogowy, Margonin, Poland)

Many farmers installed Multimags in their tractors. After several months they bought more magnetizers to install them on other farm machinery and on their cars. This confirms the claim of a scientist who says that a good farmer is probably the best economist, because – in that scientist’s opinion – only a farmer can calculate what is profitable and what is not using a box of matches as a notepad. Quite surely, farmers’ assessment of Multimag benefits was very accurate.

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